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    James : dats mah alarm in da morning Me : ?

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    lol hehehahaha 😂😂😂😂 its a prank what

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    Better title how to prank people with orbeez. well I'm a big fan and I know not all the pranks involve orbeez but most of them do like on a really huge/big fan love you guys keep making videos all I want to say is thank you for your hard work

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    Can you do more prank videos

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    Oh the old vlog house bring so much memories I don’t know why he sold it he had so much memories in it

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    My Minecraft name is unspeakablefan......

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    omg when the door open that was soooo cool

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    How come I be never seen anyone prank cedrick?

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    Guy:do you know lady e Me:lady e whooooooooooooo

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    Hey unspeakable love your videos!!!

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    7:22 pause your video. Nathan's expression is less priceless than priceless.

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    Unspeakable I am a fan

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    so funny

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    I think you may have amazing future vidios with Jordans car

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    Did James just swear 13:47

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    Unspeakable u nauthy boy

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    Happy birthday

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    MOOSE MILK my fav episode in Minecraft was when it was the purge and you got a lot of guns with moose milk

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    Nathan doesn't realise it but he makes everyone's lockdown better.

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    Who has seen Linke box respond to me if you have seen lanky box or not

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    plz destroy Jordan's car and buy him a new tesla or cac

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    Are we not gonna talk ab how gabe was infront of anthem but he switched with james

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